Mark Stasiuk

Mark Stasiuk | Co-Founder & Executive Technical Director | Fusion CI Studio

They met on a volcano. He, a volcano scientist, with a PhD in geophysical fluid dynamics, leading the Montserrat eruption research team. She, an award-winning Discovery Channel filmmaker, profiling scientists and their extraordinary work. The result? Fusion.

Hollywood called, needing Mark’s fluid dynamics expertise to create a massive corridor flood in the motion picture, Poseidon, sweeping Emmy Rossum and Josh Lucas off their feet, and propelling Fusion CI Studios into creating realistic computer-generated effects for countless movies – Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Three Musketeers, Gulliver’s Travels, Pirates of the Caribbean to name a few.

What began as a specialization in fluid dynamics evolved into an expertise in designing computer-generated art and now, nearly 2 decades later, Fusion CI Studios creates customized, dramatic content for a different screen – the digital installation screen. Combining the art of visual storytelling with the science & technology of computer-generated visual effects, Mark Stasiuk and Lauren Millar lead the Fusion CIS team in designing unique, original, mesmerizing content. Whether it’s the iconic Salesforce Lobby Waterfall, the completely immersive stateroom of the future for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, or 14 integrated content displays for SNA’s Times Square Grand Opening (a Digital Signage Awards Finalist), Fusion embraces the digital installation canvas as possessing a dimensional capacity.

Fusion’s content appears to escape the screen, interact with the sides of the screen & the architecture of the space, or push back into the 3-dimensional realm, designed to enhance and integrate the digital and physical realms. Even better than the movies.  A truly unforgettable experience.